I am a particularly good fit for clients who tend to intellectualize their problems and who are uncomfortable/unaccustomed to tapping into their emotions. I am patient and I will not push you into going deeper than you feel comfortable with at the moment. I know that change and trust are slow processes and I will respect your ability to set the pace of your own therapy. I come from a psychodynamic point of view. So, I am always looking at the ways in which our unconscious directs our behavior and our perceptions.

Although I see clients for many different reasons, the majority of my work has been in the realm of addiction and trauma. I work with the families and loved ones of people struggling with addiction as well as addicted people themselves. Although I have extensive experience with 12 step programs, I am not 12 step based. I encourage everyone facing addiction to find what works best for them. I find that there is no one size fits all solution.

I am currently not in network with any insurance plans, but I can provide out of network paperwork for reimbursement, and I am in the process of becoming in network with most major providers.

Phone: 424-789-3174