I hold a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University-Belleville, and I’m a provisionally licensed professional counselor (PLPC) in the state of Missouri. I practice individual, family and couples, and group counseling under the supervision of Peggy Tyson, M.Ed., LPC – Missouri license #2002024449.

I’m often asked if there is a specific clientele I would like to work with as a counselor. While I enjoy working with both men and women whose challenges may include self-care, interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety, anger, spirituality, and or grief, I’m also drawn to working with men who are struggling with what it means to be a man in this culture. Additionally, I bring my experience of spending several extended periods of time practicing mindfulness and meditation in Buddhist monastery settings to my perspective as a counselor.

With all of this said, my primary purpose—with whomever I am working—is to establish a relationship in which one feels supported, understood, and free to explore the human condition with an open heart and mind in an effort to develop a deeper appreciation of self and others.

Phone: (636) 733-6575