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All seminars are held on Saturdays and most are hosted virtually via Zoom.

We will occassionally have onsite seminars in our offices in Olivette, Missouri.

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Amethyst Roberson

Amethyst Roberson


Strategies for Integrating A.I. in Mental Health Practices: Enhancing Care and Efficiency

Saturday, April 13th @9:00 am (CST) 3 CEUs on Zoom. Please attend in person if possible, more live attendees provides for richer engagement with the course. Either way, all paid registrants will receive the recording to watch within two weeks. 

About the Presenter:

Amethyst Roberson, based in Saint Louis, MO, and also licensed in Florida, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Certified CARE-Ready Master Life Coach and Trainer. With over two decades of experience, Amethyst has carved a niche in Professional Counseling, Life Coaching for women and couples, and Professional Development services, dedicating her expertise to those in need. Known for her dynamic speaking and authorship, she continues to inspire and guide individuals on their journey toward healing, empowerment and restoration.

About the Webinar:

“Strategies for Integrating A.I. in Mental Health Practices: Enhancing Care and Efficiency” This course provides mental health professionals with a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence’s role in enhancing therapeutic practices. It covers the basics of AI, ethical and privacy considerations, practical applications of AI tools, and strategies for integrating AI into private practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of AI in mental health.
  • Recognize ethical and privacy implications of AI use.
  • Explore and evaluate AI tools for residual income, documentation and treatment planning.
  • Learn how to integrate AI into therapeutic practices effectively.
To follow along in class, we suggest downloading ChatGPT beforehand. 

The fee for this webinar is $45

 Michael Stier

Michael Stier


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Health Anxiety

More information about the webinar content coming soon. 

Saturday, October 14th @9:00 am (CST) 3 CEUs on Zoom. Please attend in person if possible, more live attendees provides for richer engagement with the course. Either way, all paid registrants will receive the recording to watch within two weeks. 

About the Presenter:

Michael is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in the treatment of OCD, especially subtypes involving content around morality, religion, sexuality, and harm. He has worked in a variety of professional environments including his own private practice before having the opportunity to join Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta focusing on the treatment of OCD and related Disorders. Michael has experience in treating the intersection between medical and psychological health including treating Health Anxiety and other medical phobias. Michael has presented locally and nationally on the assessment and treatment of OCD and related disorders using evidenced-based treatment approaches.

About the Webinar:

OCD is often a misunderstood diagnosis that can “fly under the radar” since it may not always present in the stereotypical fashion. In fact, it is estimated that the general time frame between the start of symptoms for the client and finding effective treatment is 14-17 years. In this presentation, the critical areas to assess and differentially diagnose OCD from other similar disorders will be discussed. Also, concrete examples will be explored during this presentation to outline exactly what the clinician can look for to see if a client may be possibly presenting with OCD. Various forms of OCD will be discussed during this presentation with a focus on understanding the core components of the disorder including triggers, obsessions, compulsions, and feared outcomes. Evidence-based treatments will be discussed and outlined to illustrate what the treatment process entails.

The fee for this webinar is $35

Jennifer Gerlach

Jennifer Gerlach

LCSW and Author

PREVIOUS WEBINAR: Not Broken: Assisting Young Adults Toward Mental Health Recovery

Activities for Young Adults Experiencing Psychosis

Saturday, September 9th @9:00 am (CST) 3 CEUs on Zoom. Please attend in person if possible, more live attendees provides for richer engagement with the course. Either way, all paid registrants will receive the recording to watch within two weeks. 

Jennifer Gerlach, LCSW, is the author of the The Psychosis and Mental Health Recovery Workbook. A workbook assisting young adults to develop strategies to recover from symptoms of psychosis. Experiencing and recovering from psychosis can be isolating, especially if friends and peers can’t relate to what you are going through. With testimony from the author’s lived experience and using a range of practical therapeutic exercises that draw on ACT, DBT and Recovery-Oriented CBT, this workbook will support and inspire you throughout your recovery, and help you be the best possible advocate for yourself.

With practical guidance on everything from coping with paranoia to dealing with stigma, as well as mindfulness strategies and advice on returning to work or school – this guide is with you every step of the way.

The fee for this webinar is $35

Bryan Wagner

Bryan Wagner

Certified Byron Katie facilitator, acupuncturist and counselor.

PREVIOUS WEBINAR: Bryan Wagner presents and Introduction to The Work by Byron Katie.

The Work by Byron Katie is a self inquiry meditation for therapists and their clients. 

Saturday, July 8th @9:00 am (CST) on Zoom. 

What is The Work?

The Work is a simple technique which frees us from thoughts that are causing us pain or frustration. Anytime we have a thought or an idea about how something in our life should be, we unknowingly causes ourselves aggravation and sometimes real suffering because our lives do not measure up to our preconceived ideas. We call this type of thought a stressful thought.

The Work is a process to help people overcome stressful judgements and beliefs. This process uses the painful judgements we have of others to help us find greater freedom and heal broken relationships.

Bryan Wagner is trained as a meditation teacher, acupuncturist and counselor. This background has given him a unique perspective on mental health.  He views health holistically addressing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational levels.  Before becoming a counselor, Bryan taught and led groups in meditation and breathwork. Bryan is a certified facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie.

The fee for this webinar is $25

See a short video on The Work here: https://youtu.be/n0UZL_y-AKM


Dr. Deb Miller

Dr. Deb Miller


Previous Webinar: More Than Sorry

Reframing Therapeutic Work with the Adulterer and the Betrayed

Saturday, June 10th @9:00 am (CST)

How often have you sat with a couple in the aftermath of an affair where the betrayed dominates the session with the need to share their hurt, disbelief, and anger while the cheater sits mutely? How often have you worked with a couple who can’t move past discussing ‘why’ the betrayal happened even years after an affair? This presentation specifies therapeutic steps the violator needs to take to deepen their apology. Saying “I’m Sorry” is not enough to communicate remorse and rebuild trust. You, as the therapist, must encourage the integration of past transgressions with expanded awareness, authenticity, and honesty.

As necessitated to balance the relationship repair, Dr. Miller will also lead a discussion and general tips for the work of the betrayed. Case studies inclusive of heterosexual and same-sex couples, those who had in-person affairs and secret online relationships, will illustrate that healing for both individuals cannot happen without deep introspection. The discussion will stimulate, shift, and re-energize therapists’ affair repair work. Attendees will receive a free e-book edition of More Than Sorry: 5 Steps to Deepen Your Apology After You Have Committed Infidelity.

Attendees will be able to summarize the five steps to deepen an apology after an affair, list five exercises for clients to deepen their self-understanding and identify personal biases in working with infidelity.

Angela Sastry

Angela Sastry

LPC, NCC, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Previous Webinar: Intuitive Eating: Reject the Diet Mentality!

Reject the Diet Culture and Embrace Intuitive Eating

Saturday, April 8th @9:00 am (CST)

We’re all born with the natural ability to know when we’re hungry. However, diet culture can interfere with and disconnect us from listening to the innate cues that tell us when to eat, what we’re in the mood for, what we need, and when we’re full. Due to the harmful effects of diet culture, our natural, instinctual relationship with food gets overwritten with problematic thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and our bodies.

This presentation will cover the 10 fundamental principles of Intuitive Eating, which include rejecting the “diet mentality,” honoring your hunger and fullness, making peace with food, eating for satisfaction, coping with kindness, respecting your body, and honoring your health. Attendees will become familiar with Intuitive Eating as a path to cultivating a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body, and apply these principles to discussions related to food with clients.

Obtaining ceu’s

CCCA’s Second Saturday Seminars meet the continuing education requirements for LPCs, LMFTs, and psychologists in the state of Missouri. Attendance certificates are provided via email within one week of the event. *Click here for more information regarding CEU approval by profession.