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Working with Clients Who Have Thoughts of Suicide: A Panel Discussion


A panel of presenters will discuss legal, professional and crisis response issues for mental health professionals when helping clients who have thoughts of suicide.  How can mental health professionals play a role in intervention? How can therapists equip themselves to deal with this challenge? What are a therapist’s legal and professional obligations?  What are the parameters of treatment for short- and long-term client needs? 

This training is especially timely as the State of Missouri enacted a law earlier this year that now requires mental health professionals to include 2 hours of Suicide Prevention Training in their CE requirement for licensure. Read more here.

Counseling LGBTQ Clients

Despite rapidly growing cultural acceptance of diverse sexual and romantic orientations and gender identifications, oppression, discrimination, and marginalization of LGBTQ individuals persists. Coping with discrimination and oppression can lead to higher levels of depression, anxiety, substance use, and other mental health concerns for LGBTQ clients. Furthermore, research shows that these clients are almost ten times as likely to have experienced bullying and victimization in school or society and more than twice as likely to have considered suicide than their heterosexual peers. This seminar will outline successful techniques and strategies for reaching this population.

February 9th, 2019
With Molly Hartigan, MA LPC

Dimensions of PTSD & Brain-Based Intervention Strategies

Gain a deeper understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it effects the mind and body.  We will explore the various origins and symptoms from a neurobiological, epigenetic, and an environmental perspective through the psychological response’s clients present with. This seminar will help you advance your clinical skills by developing core competencies in recognizing, accessing, and treating clients with trauma. Learn the latest brain-based strategies to build resiliency while utilizing Trauma Informed Care.

The Discipline of Self-Care

“Take care.” We hear or offer the well-intentioned sentiment all the time. But what does it mean to truly take care of ourselves? Especially when there often seems to be no escape from the demands of the day. As helping professionals, we understand that a practice of self-care is vital if we are to be at our best when working with those who seek our services. Not to mention that looking after ourselves both physically and emotionally models healthy behavior to our clientele.

Please join us as we address the topic of self-care and explore ways in which we can incorporate it into daily life—which will naturally put us in a better position to help others do the same.

April 13, 2019
With Ronald Laney, MA, PLPC

Counseling Children & Adults with ADHD

Led by Kristin Seymour who has written a book on the subject – The Fog Lifted: A Clinician’s Victorious Journey With ADHD, This seminar will address three focus areas: self-esteem, motivation and self- efficacy, and ADHD medication.

About Kristin: As an ADHD patient, an advanced practice nurse, mother of two ADHD teens, & ADHD specialist, Kristin understands the condition better than most. Many medical professionals and parents refer to her as ‘the ‘ADHD Whisperer.’ Her passion is to help students not suffer like she did and to recognize how ADHD can be a gift.

Counseling Adolescents

Adolescents struggle with a variety of issues such as identity struggles, negative self-talk, extreme peer pressure, and difficulties fitting in. They often feel stuck between wanting independence and still needing guidance. Adolescents are more likely than adults to make decisions without considering the consequences and commonly feel invincible. To reach these clients, counselors must understand the developmental challenges of teens to provide effective counseling to them. This seminar will explore the challenges of treating this population and consider many different effective counseling strategies.

August 10th, 2019
With Elizabeth Taylor


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